Module | Adaptive Camping

Module | Adaptive Camping

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This module teaches you how to fully include people of all abilities in your camping program.

  • 6 hours of teaching, with optional overnight.
  • Up to 10 people.
  • Delivered at your location.
  • Workbook included for all participants.

Delivered through experiential learning, we'll walk you through how to safely deliver all aspects of an adaptive camping experience

review concepts like inclusion and accessibility, person first programming, experiential learning, and challenge by choice.

On the trail, you will get the chance to solidify your skills while under the supervision of our expert instructor.

    You will leave feeling more confident in your ability to have people of varying abilities in your camping program.

    Our Adaptive Training Modules can be combined to create a comprehensive Peak | Adaption workshop that addresses all of your adaptive program needs. Contact us to arrange the details.

    Travel costs are in addition to listed price.

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